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Westberg Faith Community Nurses:

Earn Your Chaplaincy Certification

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Spiritual Care Association to bring you this great opportunity.

SCA provides all the education, training and tools.

Please note that to qualify, you must:

1. Be registered on the WI Knowledge Sharing Platform in the FCN Chaplaincy Group
2. Have completed one of the following:
  • The WI Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Course 2014 or 2019 Edition (when available)
  • Have completed an earlier edition of the IPNRC Parish Nurse Basic Prep or Foundations course AND complete a current WI FCN Practice Update Webinar
  • Provide proof of attendance and content outline of other faith community nursing preparation for review by the WI FCN Chaplain Committee AND complete a current WI FCN Practice Update Webinar.

Three certification options are available:

• Spiritual Care Generalist Certificate
• Credentialed Chaplain (CC)
• Board Certified Chaplain (BCC)

Why Should Faith Community Nurses Be Interested in Chaplaincy Certification?

  • All nurses are supposed to provide at least basic spiritual care, but few have any training
  • Faith community nurses (FCNs) receive entry-level spiritual care training through the Foundations course, but continually request additional training.
  • Training as a spiritual care generalist or chaplain increases the value of a nurse’s skillset
  • Smaller hospitals and other faith-based organizations have limited budgets; having a
  • FCN also trained in chaplaincy is a better employee value
  • FCN chaplains bring the best-practices of both professions into wholistic patient care
  • Most FCNs and nurses state that their profession is a calling and are seeking additional knowledge and skills to further this calling; chaplaincy fills this gap
  • There is a gap in spiritual care training for nurses that is filled with the complimentary profession of chaplaincy
  • Any FCN seeking to improve their outreach, ministry, and caregiving skills will benefit from chaplaincy training
  • At one-time FCNs took CPE as part of their personal growth and discernment process. Providing this opportunity online and focused on nurses will greatly increase the skillset and personal spiritual growth needs of these healthcare professionals
  • FCNs will be interested in chaplaincy to expand the marketability of their ministry practice
  • FCNs who are also chaplains will be better able to interact with clergy and community faith leaders first because they will have increased knowledge of spiritual care and second because it provides a spiritually based credential that clergy will understand.
  • Mainstream nurses desire knowledge to provide a more satisfying patient experience; spiritual care fills this need
  • Nurses trained as chaplains will improve the nurse-chaplain relationship and increase team focused patient care


“I have been seeking God’s direction for quite a while regarding what is next for me. I have contemplated pastoral care and looked around for a certificate program. Not really finding what I want or need. So, when I read about the offering on nurse chaplaincy, I was very excited. I cannot wait to know more now!”

“In the 13 years I have served my congregation as an FCN, I have seen how much I have not only matured in my faith and practice, but have seen the continued need for further training. One of my greatest joys is ministering to the emotional and spiritual needs of an individual or family. My pastor values my skills and training, and encourages me to further my training as part of the pastoral team. Nurse chaplaincy can offer care to nursing staff, church staff, as well as members of the congregation you serve. People frequently trust a nurse and are likely to readily share what is on his or her heart. Wouldn’t you want to feel better equipped to minister to that person?”

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