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Faith Community Nurse Coordinators

A Faith Community Nurse Coordinator manager is an FCN who oversees, educates, and supports practicing faith community nurses while organizing, planning, and sustaining the viability of this health ministry within a congregation or a healthcare organization. This requires additional education, knowledge, skills, and gifts in the areas of community health nursing, not-for-profit management, and faith community life. Since Health Ministry can be found in any faith community, the coordinator must be open to many faith traditions and be willing to spend time in the greater community promoting health ministry to people, groups, organizations, agencies, and faith communities.

To fully understand the complexities of managing FCNs, it is strongly recommended that FCN coordinators attend the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing course or another comparable course prior to or within one year of becoming a coordinator. In addition, the Westberg Institute Leadership and Coordination Webinar Series is recommended.

Qualities of a Successful Coordinator

To be a successful coordinator, one should possess:
  • Administrative skills to organize and guide the program through the organizational structures of both the business and faith community
  • Experience with interviewing, screening, hiring, supervising, evaluating and sometimes dismissing employees and/ or volunteers
  • Management and mentoring skills to supervise a geographically scattered staff
  • Nursing knowledge for teaching, problem-solving, and maintaining the professional standards of Faith Community Nursing
  • Experience in parish/ faith community nursing practice
  • Completion of Foundations of Faith Community Nursing or comparable course
  • A personal faith experience to understand and speak about spirituality
  • The confidence to work with a variety of congregational/faith cultures
  • Strong communication skills to effectively collaborate with faith communities, administration, and community agencies
  • An attention to detail required for documentation, reporting interventions and outcomes, correspondence, and budgeting – clerical help may/may not be available
  • Flexibility, strength, patience, respect, and innovation to work with varied faith traditions
See a sample job description for a FCN Program Manager.

Leadership and Coordination Webinar Series


With the assistance of experienced faith community nurse coordinators, the Westberg Institute has revised the coordinator curriculum to teach the varied aspects of FCN practice to those entering this field as a coordinator or manager. The Faith Community Nursing Coordinator Curriculum, now titled the Leadership and Coordination Webinar Series for Faith Community Nursing Practice, is revised every five years and builds on the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing course to prepare FCNs for the role of coordinator. A coordinator functions within a hospital system, health care agency, network, or large congregation to supervise faith community nurses within the system.

The Leadership and Coordination Webinar Series for Faith Community Nursing Practice is available online through a partnership with the Nursing Division of the Spiritual Care Association. Click below to learn more.

Coordinator Networking

To connect and network with other coordinators, contact Sharon Hinton () to join the Coordinators and Managers group on the Westberg Institute FCN Communications Platform (Yammer).

Coordinator Regional Advisory Council 

The Westberg Institute is currently organizing a regional advisory council for coordinators. If you are interested in volunteering your time and expertise to create and promote resources and services related to faith community nursing, contact Dr. Sharon Hinton ( hintons@churchhealth.org.)

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