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Job Description for the Ministry of Parish Nursing Practice

This position is designed to provide whole person health promotion disease prevention services with an emphasis on spiritual care. The major accountabilities and job activities of the parish nurse role are integrator of faith and health, health educator, personal health counselor, referral agent, developer of support groups, trainer of volunteers and health advocate.

  • ¬†Integrator of faith and health
  1. Assesses congregation’s assets and needs incorporating an understanding of the relationship between faith and health.
  2. Participates as a staff member of the congregation, attending all meetings of the staff of the congregation.
  3. Identifies opportunities to enhance the understanding of the relationship of faith and health within the congregation.
  4. Fosters, promotes, and provides opportunities for spiritual care to be discussed and integrated into the parish nurse role documenting spiritual care of groups and individuals.
  5. Participates in the planning and providing of prayer and worship life of the congregation.
  6. Teaches and models the integration of faith and health into daily life.
  • Personal Health Counselor
  1. Provides individual health counseling related to health maintenance, disease prevention or illness patterns.
  2. Encourages the client through presence and spiritual support to express their faith beliefs and utilize them regularly especially in time of crisis and despair.
  3. Documents client assessment, nursing diagnosis, interventions and outcomes while maintaining confidential client record in accordance with the policy on documentation.
  4. Make visits to clients as needed providing health counseling, education and spiritual presence/support.
  5. Promotes stewardship of the body emphasizing self care of the whole person.
  6. Collaborates with pastoral staff to plan for health education programming.
  7. Communicates with other health professionals as needed to meet the health needs of clients.
  • Health Educator
  1. Utilizes information from asset and needs assessments of the congregation and surrounding community in planning for education programs.
  2. Prepares, develops and/or coordinates educational programs based on identified needs for healthier lifestyles, early illness detection and health resources.
  3. Maintains records of educational programs, including objectives, content, evaluation, attendance and budget.
  4. Documents individual educational assessment diagnosis, interventions and outcomes.
  5. Provides the pastor, health committee of the congregation, and other designated parties a summary evaluation of educational programs noting attendance and response of participants.
  6. Networks with appropriate resources in the community to secure educational program resources.
  7. Provides consultation and acts as a health resource to other staff of the congregation.
  • Trainer of Volunteers
  1. Identifies and recruits professional and lay volunteers who can be available to respond to the health related needs of members of the congregation.
  2. Facilitates and when appropriate, trains individuals to assume volunteer responsibilities to meet identified needs of the congregation.
  3. Works with staff, health committee or others focusing on the integration of health into the life of the congregation.
  • Developer of Support Groups
  1. Develops and/or facilitates support groups based on identified needs and resources.
  2. Identifies available support groups in the community that could resource the congregation.
  3. Refers and documents client participation in designated support groups.
  • Referral Agent
  1. Provides and documents referrals to health care services and resources within the congregation and external community.
  2. Collaborates with community leaders and agencies to facilitate effective working relationships while identifying new health resources.
  3. Develops community contacts in order to secure resources and services to meet the needs of members of the congregation.
  4. Networks with other parish nurses and professionals.
  • Health Advocate
  1. Encourages clients to avail themselves of services, which will enhance their overall wellbeing, assisting the clients in identifying values, and choices, which encourage them to be more responsible for their health status.
  2. Assists client and client families in making decisions regarding their health, medical services, treatments and care facilities as well as documenting assessments, diagnosis, interventions and outcomes.
  3. Identifies, communicates, and works cooperatively with community leaders, elected officials, and agencies to meet health needs of members of the congregation and surrounding community.
  • Management
  1. Prepares an operating budget for program development as needed.
  2. Develops reports regarding FCN activities as needed. Collaborates with others in developing and managing grant projects.
  3. Coordinates all FCN programming in the congregation.
  • Professional Development, Education and Research
  1. Participates in continuing education programs to meet identified professional learning needs.
  2. Participates in regular personal spiritual formation.
  3. Acts as a preceptor to students from schools of nursing, seminaries and other disciplines as requested.
  4. Develops and/or participates in research related to parish nursing.
  5. Develops and submits articles for publication on experiences in parish nursing.


 Competent Level Qualifications  Minimum Level Qualifications
  1. Organizing skills
  2. basic computer skills
  3. Excellent communication skills
  4. Ability to develop reports
  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Organizing skills
 Education and Experience
  1.  BSN required
  2. 5+ years experience in med-surg
  3. Community health nursing experience desirable
  4. Ability to do community assessments
  5. Ability to do health coaching
  1.  BS preferred
  2. 5 years clinical nursing experience
  3. Assessment skills
 Professional Preparation
  1.  Current unencumbered license as a registered nurse in the state where the ministry is located.
  1. Current license as a registered nurse in the state where congregation is located
 Special Job Characteristics
  1.  Spiritual leadership as evidenced by experience in congregational ministries, lay leadership, theological education and other related spiritual development
  2. Substantial weekend and evening work
  1. Works well independently and yet can function well as part of a work team
  2. Has a good understanding of spirituality and religiosity

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