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World Forum Work Groups

The attendees of the World Forum have formed four work groups to investigate and develop those components of faith community/parish nursing that are crucial to the development and expansion of this practice.

Theology Work Group

This group looks at multi-faith, multi-cultural and inter/intra-denominational issues and develops theologies for integrating health and spirituality. This group has developed a Bibliography of Theological Resources Related to Parish Nursing and Health Ministries. The contact persons are Rev. Helen Wordsworth, R.N., R.M., R.H.V., (tutor), R.N.T., M.Th., D.Min, QN, Founder/Director, Parish Nursing Ministries UK, Dr. Anne Van Loon RN PhD, and Rev. Deborah Patterson, former Executive Director of Northwest Parish Nurse Ministries.

Education Work Group

This group looks at the promotion of parish nursing in a global perspective, development and adaptation of curricula for use in other countries, and expansion of the reflective aspects. This group was involved with the 2014 revision of the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Curriculum. They are also involved in how the curriculum is used in other countries, as well as reviewing the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing International Core Curriculum that is in production. Representatives for this work group are Dr. Susan Jacob, RN PhD, Educational Consultant for Westberg Institute, and Marabel Kersey MSN, Faith Community/Parish Nurse Educator, and Parish Nurse at First Federated Church, Des Moines, Iowa.

Practice Work Group

The third group facilitates international exchanges and relationships with other health care professionals/ministries and assists non-English speaking countries to articulate parish nursing to their culture. The group tracks international faith community/parish nurse biannual reports, exchanges and is discussing the translation of the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing 2014 curriculum for use in different countries. The contacts for the Practice Work Group are Leonie Rastas RN RM PN MRCNA, Pastoral Healthcare Network Australia, and Dr. Sharon T. Hinton DMIN, RN-BC, MSN, Faith Community Nurse Project Manager for the Westberg Institute of Faith Community Nursing.

Research Work Group

This newest work group was just formed by the World Forum Advisory Board to work to demonstrate through review and research what the benefit of this ministry is, the importance of spiritual care, and the outcomes that are being shown in the various countries we connect with. Two of our FCN researchers are the contacts for this work group, Ann Solari-Twadell RN, PhD, MPA, FAAN, and Deborah Ziebarth, MSN Ed, RN-BC, PhDc, both of whom have worked internationally.

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